Mechanic Job

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With our new mechanic system you can take this job to the next level on your server with the diagnostic tablet which will help the mechanics to get know everything about the client's vehicle. Besides that the script includes everything which is needed for this job.


  • Server Artifacts version must be 5181 or higher.
  • Game build must be 2189 or higher. 
  • Downloadable props (found on our docs)

    Make sure to: 
  • Server license key must be owned by the same account which you make the tebex purchase from.
  • Restart server to gain access to the resource in-game.

This script includes

  • Full mechanic job
  • Job menu with a lot of options
  • Diagnostic tablet
  • Unique repairing animations


  • Supports ESX and QBCORE.
  • oxlib, okokTextUI, ESXTextUI, QBDrawText support.
  • Built in bill creating (supported: okokBilling, esx_billing, jaksam_billing, codem_billing, quasar_billing, also works without any)
  • Call system for the mechanic
  • Vehicle towing 
  • Diagnostic tablet (four types of problems possibble)
  • Various preconfigoured NPC jobs
  • Synced vehicle lift 
  • Discord logs.
  • NUI is compatible with any screens
  • Easy to translate the menu
  • Fully Optimalised: 0.00-0.03 ms.




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